How to Order Bread


Step 1

At the end of each four week stretch, I'll post the next month's bread schedule on this website, listing the bread options and bake days for each week.  You'll be able to choose from country loaf or whole wheat, along with a wild card bread.  


Step 2

At the same time, I'll send out my email newsletter with more details on quantities available and prices.  Once you've decided, click on the link to select the style and quantity of bread you want.


Step 3

You can order for one week only, the entire month, or something in between.  Depending on available quantities, you can order up to 2 loaves per week.  For example, on Week 1, you might order a country loaf and beet bread.  On Week 3, you might just want a whole wheat loaf.



Extra Details

Unless I'm out of town, bake days are Wednesday nights. You'll be able to pick up your bread on Thursdays, at a time convenient to you. (Details about this will be included in the newsletter).  

Payment will be accepted via PayPal.  If you don't have an account & don't want to set one up, please contact me directly to discuss alternative forms of payment.

If you need to arrange a drop-off, please let me know. (Bread can be delivered on Fridays, for a small additional fee).

You'll need to order for the entire month at the beginning of the month, so I can plan my bakes accordingly.