Meaghin Kennedy


For the past 5 years, I've dedicated my career to learning more about food production, food systems, and food politics. I've interviewed and photographed farmers across the Pacific NW, New York, and even Italy. I've met with artisan makers of kombucha, kraut, pasta, and bread.  I yearn to understand why a business is successful, why people eat the way they do, and how systems can become both more appealing and more resilient.  Along the way, I've become a dedicated home gardener, a preserver and jam-maker, and--the reason you're here--obsessed with baking delicious and nutritious bread.  

I'm inspired by bakeries across the country, bakeries like Josey Baker Bread, Tartine, BreadFarm, Bien Cuit, Berkshire Mountain Bakery, and Elmore Mountain Bread.  These bakeries, and the bakers that run them, strive to understand the source of their grains, the physical, nutritional and interconnected components of these ingredients, and most importantly for the consumer, know exactly how to make a delicious loaf of bread.  

With these distant mentors as my guide, I aim to do the same.