Beet Sourdough


organic bread flour, organic whole wheat flour, organic rye flour, salt, leaven, beet slurry 

I roast beets, puree them with water, and use this beet slurry during the sourdough fermentation.  This bread is brilliantly hued during fermentation and shaping.  Once baked, the pink mellows into a burnt red color. The beet flavor is most noticeable when toasted and from my experience, this bread makes the BEST grilled cheese sandwich.

Sweet Potato Sourdough


organic bread flour, organic whole wheat flour, organic rye flour, salt, leaven, water, sweet potato puree, molasses

A similar process to the beet sourdough, I roast the sweet potatoes before pureeing them.  This puree is added during the bulk fermentation period.  The bread has a pleasing, but not overpowering vegetal flavor; it's equally at home in the morning or for an afternoon snack.

Butternut Squash Sourdough


organic bread flour, organic whole wheat flour, organic rye flour, salt, leaven, water, butternut squash puree, honey, dried cherries

The butternut squash is roasted, cooled, and pureed.  Once mixed, fermented, and baked, this bread is delicious when toasted and slathered in butter:  it almost feels like a complete meal.

Seeded Semolina


organic bread flour, organic semolina flour, salt, leaven, water, fennel seeds, sesame seeds, poppy seeds

Seeded semolina is one of my home's favorite breads.  A slighter wetter dough, the bread is flavored with toasted sesame, poppy, and fennel seeds.  This is another bread that doesn't need much to enhance it, but is also amazing when paired with eggs, tuna fish, or avocado.

Toasted Oat Bread


organic all-purpose flour, steel cut oats, organic whole wheat flour, unsulfured molasses, unsalted butter, salt, instant yeast, water

This toasted oat is a revelation.  Fermented with butter and molasses, once baked, cooled, and toasted, the slice puffs up like brioche.  It almost feels dessert worthy!  The flavors remind me of eating a warm bowl of porridge on a cool morning.

Raisin & Coriander Whole Wheat


organic all-purpose flour, organic whole wheat flour salt, leaven, water, raisins, coriander seeds

I use my whole wheat base and mix in the raisins and crushed coriander seeds.  The additions are subtle, but unique enough that each bite is noticed and appraised.

Country Rye


organic bread flour, organic rye flour, salt, leaven, water

Another household favorite, especially when topped with jam, the rye flavor is subtler than other rye breads, as the rye flour is only 20% of the total composition.  20% is enough to bring out the familiar rye flavor, while remaining versatile enough for many uses.