Bread That's Filling, Nutritious & Delicious.

I aim to bake bread that makes you think about bread differently.  Despite contributing to the creation of our world's cultures and societies and serving as the basis for a myriad of cuisines, most people's experiences with bread tend to be less than exciting.  More often than not, bread is seen as a filler:  something to snack on while you're waiting for dinner, something you can use to bulk up a lunch or breakfast, something to fill, but not necessarily to nourish or to please.  

When bread is baked in a sourdough style and leavened (leaven: to rise) using naturally occurring bacteria and yeast found in the air and surfaces throughout our homes, the transformation is more than just turning flat, sticky dough into a puffy, air-filled shape.  Along the way, bread becomes more digestible thanks to enzymes that degrade gluten and phytates, more flavorful thanks to the community of microbes that dine on flour's starches and expel gas, and more shelf-stable thanks to bacteria that create a tangy hospitable environment for their fellow microbe friends, and eventually our tastebuds.


My Background

I've been baking bread for three years, drawn to the physical and repetitive nature of bread baking, as well as the numerous styles and flavors that result from a few simple ingredients.  As I learn and practice, I've delved deeper into the motivations of other artisanal bread-bakers, the agricultural implications of reviving our local and old world grain economies, and the numerous ways bread can be a delicious and healthy star of any meal.  I'm fascinated by the entire chain: where and how grain is grown, how this grain is processed, how the mixture is fermented, and the shape and appearance of the resulting loaf.  I've witnessed the national fascination for toast bars and country loaves and the happy surprise when a slice of bread fills and nourishes.  

"The bread was so powerfully aromatic that, had I been alone, I would have been tempted to push my face into it."*

Michael PollaN, Cooked: A Natural History of Transformation

*Disclaimer: Pollan is talking about his own bread, not mine.


I bake a variety of breads, with a focus on country and whole wheat loaves inspired by Tartine, seasonal sourdough loaves like beet and sweet potato, and occasionally long-fermented bread that benefits from a small amount of added yeast.

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My Mission

These Salty Oats Community Supported Bread creates bread that is filling, nutritious, and delicious.  I only use organically grown ingredients, sourced from farms and processors where soil and community health are as important as turning a profit.

Occasionally, the ingredients may even come from my home garden!


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